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There are several reason for developing a classification of the ability to used the hands.

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First of all we think it is important to highlight the importance of hand use, which is crucial for children's independence in daily life, to be able to attend the school and occupy themselves during leisure.

Second, there is no valid and reliable functional hand classification avaliable. We want a system of classification that is more meaningful than "mild, moderate, severe" difficulties.

Finally we have understood the importance of the Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) and felt the need for something equivalent. We cannot take for granted that the development of hand function follows that for gross motor development. Thus MACS is designed to highlight the importance of hand function for independences in daily life.

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Arabic version of both MACS and Mini-MACS
MACS and Mini-MACS in Arabic are now both available for download. Follow the links to the left.

And there is two new Arabic speaking contacts under Contact Information.

Mini-MACS in Persian can now be downloaded
Mini-MACS in Persian, is now available for download. Follow the link to the left.